Sunday, 8 May 2011

Introducing Prize Live

Is Prize Live scam or legit?

There's a payment proof section at its forum.
Still not convinced?
Let's see what others said about this site.

PTC Investigations said,
We believe this is safe and paying site to use...

IM report cArd said,
So far, PrizeLive is enjoying a good reputation. Members are reporting that they’re getting paid, and in a timely manner. For a PTC program, this is the most important thing. There’s a forum on the site where members can compare notes with each other, and that’s a good indication that everything the program does is legitimate...

What to Earn?

* earn points by winning a game tournament, completing offers, etc.
* 1 point = $1
* can be converted into Game Credits by clicking the arrow at the Balance section on top of the page.
* can be used to redeem
- Ca$h
  1. PayPal (no minimum point)
  2. Check (require 5 points)
  3. Amazon Gift Cert (require 5 points)
  4. GoDaddy Gift Card (require 2 points)

- Purchase something online
- Own an offer

Game Credits (GC)
*  used to enter game tournament
* cannot be converted into points/$

How to earn?
Fun way

Play in game tournament. But you need at least 1 Game Credit (GC) to play a tournament. Not a problem. Complete the offers at the Freebies section or Exclusive section. Or download the Prizebar at
Login > Click Things To Do > Choose Get Daily GC Bonus.
You can practice before participating the tournament by choosing Play for Fun. There are 4 types of games, i.e. Match Up, Quick Shot, Sniper Blast and What's the Word. Choose the one you think you can score better.

Quick way

Ask your friend to join. You can get a 10% commission from his/her points.
Complete the 3-step Daily Tasks to earn some extra points.

5 Simple Things To Do Every Day
  1. After downloaded the Prizebar, get your Daily GC Bonus (it's under Things To Do)
  2. Complete Daily Task to get extra points.
  3. Do the offers. You can change default (at top right) to Show All so that you can view all the offers.
  4. Play in game tournament. It's best to practice first by choosing Play for Fun. If you have a good memory, play "Match Up".
  5. Play Forum Games. Try to guess the total page view on that day.

Get referral
  • Post an interesting thread with eye-catching title. Put the referral link or banner at the thread. Keep the thread active. Example of forum is GPT Discussion (but there are a lot of Prize Live threads there though).
  • Email your friends the referral link.
  • Post the referral banner at your social network site.
  • Advertise at GPT sites like Clicksia  as PTSU or offer. 

Play to earn

  1. Read the instruction before playing.
  2. Try different game tournament to see which game you are better in.
  3. Practise before playing. Choose Play for Fun.
  4. Play every day after you've at least 1 GC for completing offers, etc.
  5. Don't give up. If you keep losing, maybe you should play at other time or change to other game.
  6. Play games for Beginner (if there are Intermediate games).

E.g. Sniper Blast
I'm not a pro in this game. I just find out that there are some ways to score higher points.
  • There are more points if you can have more combos (shooting the target without missing one).
  • Don't shoot the target for too many times if you can't shoot it.
  • Avoid the targets with red circles around them.
  • Shoot the Reload faster.

Join Prize Live if you are 18+ (or 13+ with parental consent)

The games are in maintenance so non-US users will find it's harder to earn there. I can only earn there through Exclusive Offers.

Update: This site has closed. You can withdraw any amount you have before March 2013. Game credits can be converted to points by clicking the link at the last line on this page.

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