Thursday, 30 June 2011

Review: Onbux

Onbux now has some very negative feedback, ...
...Mainly complaints the complaints were about the company not paying their investors. It appears they pay their affiliates on time...
+  Lots of ads
+  Earning per ad is either $ 0.005 or $ 0.01
+  Possible to earn $ 0.20 daily if you have the time to click the ads for long hours

-  Cannot register using the same username or email addresses after account was suspended
-  PayPal cannot be used for payment currently
-  If you have made some investment, you must use the same payment processor to cashout.
-  Late/no payment


No. of ad

Min. daily earning (clicking ads only)
$ 0.04

$/referral click
 $ 0.005

Rent referral
Yes, $0.75 for 3 referrals

No. of  ads to be clicked to earn from referral click

Paid to signup

Payment method
AlertPay, Neteller, Liberty Reserve

Min. 1st cashout
$ 2 + 60 clicks ($0.06 will be deducted upon cashout)

Subsequent cashout
Increase by $ 1 for each cashout until $ 10

Account suspended
After 60 days of inactivity

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