Thursday, 30 June 2011

Review: BuxP - Join HERE

...We have tested this site for over a year now and have been paid every time...

...Reports from members are that the service pays like it promises...Customer service is helpful and responsive...

I believe this website is trustworthy and it has paid me so far.

Top 10 PTC said,
...the site actually and with plenty of ads to click (even standards)...

...It's one of the high earner sites... 

+  Earn 7.5% commission for every advertiser introduced
+  Can donate to referrals
+  Play games to win up to $1

-  There are some adult ads.
-  Need verified PayPal/AlertPay account
-  Chinese and Pakistani are not eligible
-  The last ad (anti-cheat) will reset the balance to $0


No. of ad

Avg. daily earning (clicking ads only)
$ 0.035

$/referral click
50 %

Buy referral
Yes, Saturday&Sunday (from 12 am), $1.50 each

Paid to signup

Payment method
PayPal (verified), AlertPay (verified)

Min. 1st cashout
$7.99 (AlertPay) + 150 clicks, $17.99 (PayPal) + 150 clicks

Subsequent cashout
$7.99 (AlertPay), $17.99 (PayPal)

Account suspended
After 45 days of inactivity

Cancel account
Go to My Profile.

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