Thursday, 1 September 2011

How to make money online

Other than paid-to-click-ads sites, there are a lot of alternatives to make some extra income.

1.  Paid to complete surveys
Most of the survey sites require members to accumulate points until the threshold is reached before cashing out.
GlobalTestMarket (Worldwide)

iPanelOnline  (International)

iPanalOnline (Malaysia)

However, there are some which will send out the reward once 1 survey is completed.
Shout!Box (Malaysia)

2. Facebook / Twitter
If you have lots of followers, earn cash by putting campaigns on your Facebook / Twitter page.
My Likes (Worldwide)

Sponsored Tweets (Worldwide) (Malaysia)

ChurpChurp (Malaysia)

3. Play games
ANNO1777 (Worldwide)

Second Life (Worldwide)

Pogo (US)

4. Beta testing
Test unlaunched websites.

5. Ads
Google Adsense

6. Traffic exchange
Make some money while promoting your website / blog / referral link.
$ 0.30 per 1000 sites surfed

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