Thursday, 18 August 2011

Quickest Method to Make $ Online & Withdraw (International)


Days to reach min. cashout
≈ 20

Method of earning  
Mini tasks / micro jobs

Payment method  
Alertpay, Moneybookers, Credit card

Minimum cashout  
$ 9 (+ 6.5 % fee)
(It's better to redeem when you have more points so that less points will be deducted for processing fee.)

Payment received
6 days after requested 
(My 1st payment takes around 18 days as it takes 16 days for the letter to reach)

Min. $ / job

Inactive account
> 365 days will incur $5/month until it's terminated or reactivated

+  Earn a lot if you have the time to take more mini jobs daily.
+  There are a lot of mini jobs which are refreshed fast.
+  Get around $0.10 for doing a simple task like clicking ads, clicking +1, 'like' FB page...
+  It's more worth your time than PTC if you don't have referrals.

-  High processing fee
-  Plenty of tasks are for those who have at least PR1 sites.
-  Need to be fast to do the simple tasks.
-  Can't earn from referral
-  PayPal cannot be used.
-  Need to wait for a very long time for first payment as you need to wait for the following letter for PIN no.

PTC Investigations said,
microWorkers seems to be a safe and paying site to use...

Payment proof



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The following site may earn lesser but it can be cashout much faster.

Prize Live (closed)

Days to reach min. cashout
≈ 12

Method of earning  
Completing offers, playing games

Payment method  
PayPal, AlertPay (How?), check, gift cards (GoDaddy / Amazon), owning offers, custom rewards

Minimum cashout  
$ 1

Payment received
3-4 days (1st payment via PayPal)
Instant (subsequent paymeny via PayPal)
8 days (check sent to Malaysia)

Min. $ / day
(if win the game tournament)

Account removed
After 6 months of inactivity

How to earn

+  Instant cashout via PayPal after 1st payment.
+  Earn money by playing games.
+  Can request anything as reward.
+  Low minimum cashout amount.
+  No processing fee.
+  Friendly and fast response from the admin.

-  Need to get Game Credits (GCs) before playing games to earn points (which can be converted to cash).
-  Earn less for non-US members. There are around 1 GC after completing the offers, which means only 1 game tournament can be played (unless you've referrals or owning offers).
-  If didn't win the game, nothing is gained.
-  Each offer (to get GCs) can be done 24 hours after the time the offer was last completed.

PTC Investigations said,
We believe this is safe and paying site to use...

IM report cArd said,
...Members are reporting that they’re getting paid, and in a timely manner...
Payment proof



It's better not to cashout via check if you are not reside in USA as banks charge a high fee for clearing foreign check.

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